Wedding Photography in Rome

This gallery of Wedding Photography in Rome offers inspiration to couples who wish to get married or elope to the Eternal City. From intimate weddings to romantic Sposi Novelli, we have you covered. As a Rome elopement photographer, we like to capture your event from the getting ready moments until the cake cutting. Our strength, when it comes to wedding photography in Rome is probably showcasing you as a couple in the city of romance. Let’s talk about your wedding pictures. Get in touch!

The Rome Photographer


Newly-wed couple at Vatican City
Couple during a Wedding Photo Shoot in Rome
Newly-weds during a Wedding photo session in Rome
Wedding Photo Session on bank of the river Tiber with Castel Sant'Angelo in the background
Newly-wed couple celebrating their love during their Wedding Photo Session in Rome
Couple during a Honey Photo Session in Villa Borghese in Rome
Couple while kissing at the Villa Borghese Lake
Romantic pose for a beautiful couple on their Honeymoon in Rome
Romantic sunset shot of a couple during their honeymoon in Rome
A vibrant bride next to his husband during a Wedding photoshoot in Bracciano
A beautiful pregnant bride at the Bracciano Lake, naer Rome
Newly-weds toasting to a love and life
Detail of a wedding band, during a Wedding Photo shoot in Bracciano, Rome
Newly-wed couple dancing with the Colosseum in the background
Newly-weds kissing with the Arch of Costantine in the background
Couple during their wedding photo session at the Colosseum
Newly-wed couple strolling in the Colosseum area
Sposi Novelli in silhouette with Saint Peter's Dome in the background
Sposi Novelli in Saint Peter's Square, in Rome
A beautiful couple during a Sposi Novelli photo shoot in Rome
A beautiful couple during a Sposi Novelli Photoshoot in Saint Peter's Square
Sposi Novelli couple in Saint Peter's Square
A glamourous couple during a Sposi Novelli photoshoot